Ready to make đź’¸ RICH đź’¸ moves?

I'm Megan Hale, business strategist & money mentor for experienced coaches, consultants, helpers, and healers who are ready to create their best offers yet & make their most meaningful contribution! 

I'm highly focused on sustainable business design, holistic strategy that keeps YOU at the center, and helping you distill your wisdom into a cohesive body of work that takes your business to an all new level.

  • I believe our businesses should be deeply personal expressions of who we are. 
  • I believe more money in the hands of those who are creating a more equitable future will change the world. 
  • I believe NOTHING is more fulfilling than stepping into the impact you know you're destined for & leading your vision to reality by being more of who you are! 

Learn more about my process that takes you to $250K in Yearly Recurring Revenue with One Key Offer serving a small intimate audience while making your most meaningful contribution! 

Available Products

The DreamMoney™ Blueprint

Welcome to The DreamMoney™ Blueprint - the most holistic, intuitive, and flexible revenue planning tool on the market that's foundational for money clarity, money confidence, & money momentum!!

Taking charge of your revenue is an essential piece of growing your business and I want to offer you a powerful tool that helps you earn more by doing less and grounds your business in ease. 

Inside, you'll be guided through a repeatable process for clarifying your revenue, planning out your profit, and managing your cash flow to intentionally fund your dreams! 

I can't wait to see the clarity & profitability The DreamMoney™ Blueprint  creates for your business!

Map Your Method

Your Signature Method acts as a powerful anchor point for your whole entire business infusing a wealth of clarity for your messaging, positioning, offers, opt-ins, and your overall body of work.  

The problem?  So many of us don't have a way to clearly organize all the wisdom that we hold into a cohesive framework that gives language to what we do, who we help, and more importantly HOW we uniquely help them.  

Enter Map Your Method - a robust process that helps you surface your unique methodology that stands in your values, strengthens your expertise, and provides a repeatable, scalable process for serving more people!

Let's dive in! ✨

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